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Jettronic sequencer box + edt

sequencer box great for retracts with gear doors, this can operate different cycles.

gear up close doors / open doors gear down

doors open gear down- doors close / doors open gear up doors close

doors open-gear down- doors close and leave front door down / main doors open – gear up – all doors close

gear down main doors close once gear is down leaves front door open


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evojet B140vx

  • Thrust –                         32lb @120,000
  • Weight bare-                 1580g
  • Diameter-                      112mm
  • rev speed-                     30,000 – 120,000 rpm
  • Exhaust temp-               650c – 730 c
  • Fuel-                              480g / 18.4oz per min jet A1
  • Lubrication-                    5% turbine oil in fuel
  • maintenance interval-     typ 3 years / 180.000.000 / 40 h

B140vx jet engine with starter devices. JETTRONIC – VX ECU, EDT display and programming unit. precision fuel pump, magnetic fuel valve, fuel tubing, lithium-iron battery, fueltank clunk,cable set, mounting clamp, operating instructions


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